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Getting back to business

Smart travel management for a new world


Are you ready to travel?

As travel begins to pick up, the opportunities for face-to-face interaction will lead to innovation and growth, and a welcome return to the connections we previously took for granted. Our CWT Travel Essentials tool helps you to search for travel restrictions between countries.


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Care for traveling employees, protect your business

Safety & Security

It is now more important than ever to have an end to end travel risk management and employee well-being policy.

Whether you have a need for foundational employee safety and well-being or a more comprehensive program, CWT gives you access to an integrated traveler care solution that aligns with your specific needs.

At CWT, we’re here to help you predict and plan for what may lie ahead and to raise the bar on employee care.

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Deliver more for your employees

Take the complexity out of business travel

We believe the relationship between companies and their travelers is changing, and we understand our travelers are your employees. CWT, one of the world’s leading digital travel management companies, helps organizations of all sizes deliver a travel program that engages employees, empowers them to be more productive and takes complexity out of their on the road experience.



We're here to help

How can we help?

You don’t have to handle your organization’s travel management responsibilities alone. Call on the business travel experts at CWT to help you every step of the way.

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Webinar- Sustainable travel

In our last webinar, a panel of experts representing different viewpoints—including airlines, environmental non-profits, TMCs, and travel buyers— discussed a major point of contention in making corporate travel programs greener. The recording is ready for download.

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Listen to podcast: How to change someone’s life on a flight

CWT PODCAST: How to change someone’s life on a flight

Human trafficking – the illegal movement of a person into or through a country by force, threat or deception to exploit them - can affect anyone of any age, gender or nationality. Listen to our podcast to hear how we can individually and collectively turn the tide on trafficking.

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The industry is on a journey to deliver more relevant content, choice and convenience for travelers. At CWT we want to help you understand the future of air distribution - for NDC and beyond.


Search for travel restrictions by country

Use our CWT Travel Essentials widget to see the latest Covid-19 restrictions and requirements for travelers.

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Ready to meet?

Sometimes only face-to-face will do. Search, compare and instantly book your next one-off, small meeting room.

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responsible approach business travel program

A responsible approach to travel

Think about the wellbeing of your business travelers without losing sight of your organizational goals and the environmental impact of your business trips. It only takes 5 steps.

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